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  After 10  years of taking  part in building and promoting a very strong Subaru community,   I'm still in business and not only do I sell WRX / STi used parts but also rebuilt all types of H4 engines. Call or email me for more details including your location, time frame and budget you are willing to spent to get your engine rebuilt.     

                                                      Does your mechanic take pictures of the repair done to your car?
                                         Would your local shop show you  the essence of the problem and faulty parts? 
                                                                                                 Well, I do !

    I realize that selling GREAT looking and running car for cheap SUCKS, all because of overheat problem which is mainly caused by faulty head gasket. I DO NOT USE dealer's replacement stock head gaskets for SOHC as they are worthless. I use ONLY metal gaskets OEM SUBARU
( except 2.2 SOHC engines ).

    If your car is still running and you did NOT severely overheat the motor I can still help fixing it ON THE SPOT. Yes, I've worked on Subaru cars for over 10 years and rebuilt all type of H4 engines: SOHC, SOHC VVL, DOHC, DOHC TURBO WRX and STI. So, if you want your car engine fixed with the best parts at great prices with a 3 month warranty then I'm your Mechanic.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Sebastian , owner of   WRXUSA

                                              H4 ENGINE REPAIR                                               HEAD GASKET QUICK FIX

                                         INTERIOR                                                                                                      DOORS                                                                                               MIRRORS

                                       WAGON   HATCH                                                                                         SUSPENSION                                                                      ENGINE & Ej SWAPS

                                            DRIVE    TRAIN                                                                                           WIRING                                                                                        HVAC

                                   AIR  BAGS  /  SEAT BELTS                                                                                     ECU

       We are an independent Subaru repair specialists and not authorized by Subaru of America Corporation. Therefore , our parts are not  
                guaranteed and Subaru of America  does not  take any credit 
or our work quality , labor warranty nor positive feedback.




 Section below  is ONLY for a classified ads.  Sell or buy WRX / STi through WRXUSA.  Contact me for details

                          Sedan     2002-2003   Wagon                  

                    Sedan   2004 - 2005   Wagon     STi

            Sedan  2006 - 2007   Wagon      STi      

                              Sedan  2008 - 2013  Wagon   STi 


                                                                                                          Sedan  2004-2014  Wagon   STi