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                         H4 engine head gasket repair, mobile service

Let me put it this way: instead of selling your lovely Subaru for cheap, only beacause it has blown head gaskets problem which causes overheating problem, call or emial me. I will fix the problem in ONE day. Yes, one days and I've done it sereval times. 


So, here is the deal:  All type of H4 SOHC ( non turbo ) motors head gasket can be easily fixed in one day and if your local shop is telling you different, then they is still work by the "book" and they will also charge you by the book. As long as the motor was not completely fried by driving miles without coolant, I can do it in one day. 

1998-2010 Forester , Impreza NON-turbo engine are SOHC ( single overhead camshaft )
2000-2015 Legacy and Legacy Outback NON-turbo are SOHC 
1997-1999 Legacy Outback engines are engines DOHC ( dual overhead camshaft )

I also work on DOHC and DOHC Turbo motors but the head gasket job requires 2 days of work. 



  For pricing and service schedule please call me @ 805 387 8287 or email   wrxusa@yahoo.com